Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation and RCT unite to offer mobile equipment automation solutions for the underground mining industry


The world of underground mining is becoming increasingly challenging. Issues associated with deeper orebodies, increasing costs and the drive for greater social responsibility continue to pressure the viability of many operations. In response to this, Atlas Copco and RCT have agreed to team up to provide a comprehensive range of automation solutions that will deliver on the demand for safe, productive mining.

Atlas Copco and RCT are two leading names in the mining industry and each offer a range of automation solutions for increasing safety and productivity for underground mobile equipment. While Atlas Copco's solutions are focused mainly on machines that utilize the well-known RCS control system, RCT provide solutions that are a perfect match for some of the older generation Atlas Copco products that remain popular workhorses of the industry.

"The reason behind our decision to work with RCT is quite simple... we have some older or newly acquired machine models in our portfolio for which we do not currently offer a comprehensive range of automation solutions. We must be able to offer these machines with similar automation functionality that customers can find on our newer generation equipment. Teaming up with RCT gives us the opportunity to do this and we are glad that such a recognized company shares our view on the importance of delivering safe productivity."

  • Julian Reynolds, Product Line Manager for Atlas Copco

By combining expertise and solutions in this way, Atlas Copco and RCT can offer a broad range of remote control and guidance systems for the majority of Atlas Copco's underground machine portfolio.

"The intention is that Atlas Copco and RCT will provide a united front in addressing any safety or productivity issues that a customer may be experiencing. They will have access to the expertise of both organizations to ensure an automation solution can be found that meets their specific needs, no matter what type of Atlas Copco vehicles are in their fleet. We have worked successfully with Atlas Copco in the past and it is a great step forward to be able spread this cooperation further"

  • Phil Goode, Senior Business Development Manager for RCT
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