Schneider Electric Increases Fleet Efficiency with Smart Technology


Schneider Electric desire to increase their MHE fleet efficiency has led to a successful meeting between Sng Beng-Heng (Global Supply Chain Singapore, Schneider Electric) and Matt Ingram (Product Manager, RCT) in Singapore.

The first of multiple orders of RCT’s SmarTrack™ Fleet Management system has been commissioned by Schneider Electric, as both companies look to work collaboratively on a global roll-out of smart technology.

RCT’s SmarTrack™ Fleet Management system will be implemented to Schneider Electric’s fleet which will assist with their endeavours to be a leader in the supply of electricity distribution, automation management and installation components for energy management.

Both companies look forward to what the future holds, as RCT continues to roll out support to Schneider Electric globally.

Fleet Management

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