Technology and Innovation at Gold Fields St Ives


RCT’s long-standing relationship with Gold Fields saw the parties recently collaborate to address production bottlenecks through the implementation of RCT technology and increase production output and worker safety.

RCT’s ControlMaster® Surface Solution was commissioned allowing St Ives to operate remotely from the surface during firing times in a safe environment. Through surface remoting, St Ives also found that there was no downtime with their trucks between shifts. The increase in productivity from a trucking perspective was very noticeable.

Through the utilisation of ControlMaster® Guidance System, St Ives operation was able to achieve greater speeds, consistently high production and less damage - due to technology which assists in avoiding walls and major obstacles.

St Ives’ next development phase under consideration with RCT includes:

For St Ives, the objective of this phase is for further efficiency and increased operator safety for their underground mine.

Time to watch: 4:32 min

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