Fuel Cap Isolation System

Interactive Demo

Fuel Cap Isolation System

Key Features
  1. Ignition won’t start unless fuel cap is on
  2. Ignition won’t start unless park brake is on
  3. Removing fuel cap while running will trigger alarm, but not disable engine
  4. Applying park brake while running with fuel cap removed will disable engine

Demonstration Guide

Standard Configuration
  1. Remove fuel cap
  2. Try ignition – won’t start
  3. Replace fuel cap
  4. Try ignition - engine starts
  5. Remove fuel cap - shows warning
Dual Configuration
  1. Same as standard configuration, except both fuel caps must be replaced to start ignition
Park Brake Configuration
  1. Release park brake
  2. Try ignition – won’t start
  3. Apply park brake
  4. Try ignition - engine starts
  5. Release park brake
  6. Remove fuel cap - shows warning
  7. Apply park brake - disables engine

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