RCT Expands its Automation Range, as Demand for Technology Increases


As demand for technology increases, RCT is responding to the growing interest in mining automation, and releasing the latest Automation solution - the ControlMaster® Independent Guidance (Point-2-Point) system.

The ControlMaster® Independent Guidance is the ultimate underground automation mining solution in the market today. The only input required from the operator is the press of a button to activate the system. The operator can then leave the machine to navigate by itself to the destination.

The ease of use is apparent; steering, braking, and speed are automatically controlled by the system, together with laser technology which is utilised to keep the machine on the centre path of the drive avoiding walls and other major obstacles.

This innovative development in RCT’s technology takes the stress out of operating machines on narrow and difficult to navigate underground drives, resulting in less fatigue, less machine downtime, and significant gains in productivity.

Control Master® Independent Guidance improves the bottom line of underground production. Greater speeds, consistent high production and less damage ensure KPI’s targets are met every time. It can be installed on all types of underground loaders and trucks.

“RCT’s proven global experience in Automation and Control paved the way for the development of this next generation, state-of-the-art system. We aim to set benchmarks for productivity and safety, and this new Independent Guidance system will reflect that,” said Dave Holman, ControlMaster® Product Manager.

Independent Guidance has been deployed on several mine sites for trials, and has now become a permanent solution for these operations, after evident gains in productivity.

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