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Caption: RCT’s Guidance and Teleremote training was a huge success at Renison Bell Tin Mine.

Earlier this year RCT successfully delivered its ControlMaster® Guidance ATX2200 Teleremote training course to operators at Renison Tin Mine in Tasmania - with an overwhelming response.

RCT product trainer Alan Barton executed two separate, level one courses (both theory and practical) to 12 enthusiastic participants who were keen to try out the new system fitted to their new Caterpillar 2900G loader.

The site had previously used RCT’s Teleremote systems, so while some of the operators were familiar with our technology, none of them had any previous exposure to Guidance (which is an upgrade from Teleremote).

The operators’ level of experience varied quite substantially from no experience with remotes at all, to line of sight experience from years ago, to Teleremote operators with more than 10 years’ experience.

“Without exception they were blown away by the performance of the Guidance system,” Mr Barton said.

Mr Barton said he received very positive feedback from the operators for the duration of the 12 hour courses including: “I can’t believe how fast it goes!” and “I never expected it to be so smooth around corners.”

However, the standout comment came from an operator who described the Guidance system as a “life changer.”

“I am forever going home from work with headaches and sore eyes from the concentration required to keep the machine off the wall – now I can relax and concentrate on getting a good bucket,” a Renison Tin mine operator said.

“This system is a credit to your guys – they’ve done a great job.

“I can’t wait to get working on it,” he said.

Mr Barton said he felt very positive about the feedback he received from all of the operators throughout the duration of both courses.

“Everyone was very keen to take ownership of the system, to make it work to the best of their advantage,” he said.

“They saw Guidance as a big benefit to them and could see that it was going to make their working lives a lot easier.”

Guidance requires less concentration while increasing efficiency and productivity more than other systems available on the market today.

“Production is the key on any mine site and Guidance improves efficiency and speed on mobile machines.”

RCT training is a valuable resource for those introducing our new technology to site. Course content is constantly evolving over time, keeping it relevant.

“Training is a valuable two-way street, not only do we get to share our knowledge with the operators but we receive feedback from those operating the system to continually improve our technology,” Mr Barton said.

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