EXPOTECNOMIN debut a success


RCT's South American Business Development Manager, Martín Vega declared EXPOTECNOMIN a huge success.

From July 13 – 16 Smart Technology company RCT took part in the second ever technology trade show, EXPOTECNOMIN in Lima, Peru.

The mining exhibition attracted about 20,000 people; many of who were decision makers, managers, academics and technology-minded people looking to incorporate the latest technology into their mines sites.

RCT has a growing presence in South America and this intimate expo was the ideal platform to convey its capabilities to the market at a time where companies are looking for solutions to increase productivity and profitability.

The company was represented at the expo by South American Business Development Manager Martín Vega, Channel Partner Development Manager John Capehart and Christian Araya of Fasser Overseas. Fasser is RCT’s newest distributor representing the company’s auto electrical products and solutions in Chile and Peru.

Mr Vega said this year’s event had a heavy emphasis on technologies and future trends in the mining industry.

It was RCT’s debut expo in the South American region and according to Mr Vega it was a huge success.

“RCT was the only remote control supplier exhibiting, so the stand attracted a lot of attention.”

“Our offering is extensive and this was conveyed well throughout the duration of the four-day event.

“We were able to show and explain our technologies to mining decision makers, as well as the mine workers operating the machines.”

On display at the booth was RCT’s ControlMaster® ATX 2200, which gave visitors an opportunity to see and experience the technology first-hand.

RCT’s ControlMaster® range of Automation and Control systems are in use at many mine sites around the world, allowing operators to control a driverless vehicle via handheld remote control, Teleremote or via Automation, increasing profitability, productivity and safety of operations.

“People were most impressed with the system; many of the visitors noted how light weight, comfortable and durable it felt in comparison to competitors systems.”

In addition to RCT’s stand, Mr Vega also delivered a presentation on the Remote Operation of Mining Machinery in Underground and Open pit mines on day three of the expo.

Attended by a large, eager crowd, Mr Vega delivered a solid overview of RCT’s offering and its value, despite the speech being later in the day it was very well attended with an estimated 80-100 people, which was followed by numerous questions from the crowd.

“Overall EXPOTECNOMIN was a lot more technical than other mining trade shows in the region, which was great for us as technology is what RCT specialises in,” Mr Vega said.

“It was a great opportunity to meet with those in the industry who are seeking out technological solutions for their mine sites and our technology was well received.

“The Peruvian mining world is really interested in what RCT has to offer them.”

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