RCT expands distribution in South America


Fasser’s Technical Manager Christian Araya visited RCT’s headquarters in Perth recently where he undertook training from various members of the team including RCT’s Product Manager Mick Tanner.

RCT and Fasser have recently entered into a formalised arrangement which will see Fasser distributing RCT’s auto-electrical line of products throughout Chile and Peru.

The new partnership will allow RCT’s solutions to be quickly and effectively introduced into the market at a time where the current economic conditions in the copper industry have created significant demand for solutions that effectively reduce costs and eliminate common safety problems for mobile equipment fleet operators. This will see both Fasser and RCT expand in an increasingly competitive economy.

The RCT-Fasser partnership is already showing signs of success with the first job secured for a site in Northern Chile which will see one of the world’s largest copper pits fleet of seven water trucks fitted with RCT’s remote fill units. The remote controlled fill units will reduce water wastage in one of the driest regions on earth while increasing efficiency and safety by eliminating the need for the operator to leave the cab of the truck.

RCT’s Parts Sales Support Manager Andrew Sells said Fasser are already well-known in the industry for their range of innovative technology solutions.

“I believe RCT’s auto-electrical solutions will be very complementary to Fasser’s current offer,” he said.

“Our auto-electrical solutions offer mobile equipment asset protection; safety and productivity improvement and I believe that is exactly what the market is after at the present moment.”

“RCT’s solutions are flexible in their application, it will be an interesting challenge to adopt our solutions to the operating methodologies and environmental conditions that are unique to the region,” Mr Sells added.

Fasser CEO Rodrigo Briones said he believed that RCT’s solutions will add value to its customers in order to optimise the performance of their existing mobile equipment fleets.

“RCT’s solutions monitor the daily performance of the mobile equipment fleets; reporting the operation status and preventing costly machine failures,” Mr Briones said.

“RCT’s solutions complement the continuous support Fasser Group provides its clients; providing a unique opportunity to help our customers maximise the utilisation of the existing mobile fleet while cutting costs at the same time.”

“This distribution agreement makes us the ideal business partner to those end users who are focused on achieving efficient and reliable operation of their fleet wherever they are mining.”

“We look forward to maximising the efficient operation of our clients’ existing mobile mining fleets,” Mr Briones said.

Fasser’s Technical Manager Christian Araya travelled to RCT’s Perth and Brisbane offices to undertake product training earlier this year before attending the mining technology show, EXPOTECNOMIN with the RCT team in Lima, Peru.

Mr Araya said he is now well equipped to assist his clients in reducing maintenance costs by providing them with cost-effective solutions to improve machine monitoring, reduce fuel consumption and assist with safety and operator efficiency.

Mr Sells said he was looking forward to a working partnership with the team at Fasser to help bring RCT’s proven products to a new market.


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