Brisbane automation and control training - a cut above the rest


Training at the new Brisbane branch comes with its perks.

RCT has had a strong presence in Brisbane since 2012; however, a recent change in location has resulted in the company moving in to state-of-the-art premises, well-equipped to provide first-class training.

Three times the size of RCT’s original Brisbane branch; the new office is complete with large reception area, bench repair space, workshop area, meeting and training room. On top of all of this, the branch is conveniently located within a 30 minute drive from Brisbane airport and can be accessed from Bruce Highway (the main highway in the city).

Although RCT provide training both on and off site to cater to the needs of clients; the inaugural training (delivered to operators from two different mine sites) recently completed at the new branch was deemed a huge success due to a number of factors.

“The spacious training room, the support gear and exposure to the extensive knowledge of Brisbane-based staff gave the course a superior edge”, said RCT’s Brisbane Account Manager Wayne Carrington.

“The Brisbane facility makes a great training hub, especially for the experienced technicians,” he said.

Resident RCT expert Jared Collard was present at the training session to speak to attendees about Fibre Optic Control Station for surface control familiarisation. The popular solutions are used to increase production when operating underground machines from the surface as they allow for continuous machine operation while removing the operator from a potentially hazardous area.

RCT’s Brisbane Branch Manager Jack Gee shared his expertise on communication systems, taking them through a detailed lesson.

Mr Gee said he enjoyed being able to convey his extensive knowledge to attendees who were all keen to learn.

“It was a great opportunity for us to give a more detailed insight into how the systems work and to answer any questions along the way,” he said.

“I was able to equip them with the knowledge and insight needed to ensure they will be able to quickly and efficiently fix any problems that may arise.”

“I really enjoy assisting others and getting to share my experience with people thirsty for knowledge – I get a real kick out of it,” he said.

Upskilling workers with training on the RCT technology that they utilise on site gives operators the ability to maintain systems and resolve faults which in turn helps to reduce downtime and results in a more profitable mine site.

Product Trainer Alan Barton, who led the training on the day said he particularly enjoyed the interaction between the two groups of attendees who were based at different mine sites.

"The comparing and contrasting of practices between them was a value added benefit that goes beyond the content provided by the course – the type of benefit usually only experienced by upper management at conferences and the like.”

While RCT’s training sessions are always successful, the Brisbane training facility provides the ideal platform; delivering seamless training with the added advantage of additional insight from experts with years of technical experience in the industry.

RCT provides training to both operators and technicians in RCT’s ControlMaster® range, including Line-of-Sight remote operations, Teleremote control equipment and the state-of-the-art Guidance control.

In addition to training, RCT’s new premises are providing extra support to clients in the region.

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