Taking the industrial market by storm


RCT is a well-known powerhouse in the mining industry, but did you know it is active in the industrial sector too?

As a global OEM of remote control and automation systems, RCT are well-placed to supply the industrial remote control market. The company’s proven range of remotes can be installed on a wide range of mobile equipment including, side loaders, car carriers, concrete boom trucks, mobile conveyors, skid steers and more.

“We can move quickly to ensure we meet the exact demands of the customers’ requirements and application,” said RCT’s Industrial Remote Control Specialist Matt Ingram.

“End-users can rely on RCT to keep their equipment mobile, which, in the fast paced logistics and industrial markets are integral as there is no room for interruption.”

“Customers in this market are already realising the importance of remote control technology to ensure operator safety and increase productivity,” he said.

Removing the operator from the close proximity of the moving machinery gives them the ability to control the machine with the flexibility of being able to physically move around the perimeter of the work area; ensuring that it functions in a safe and efficient manner.

“Operating on remote gives them a sufficient view of the working area and removes them from potential hazards,” Mr Ingram said.

RCT’s products have been extensively proven to work in even the harshest and demanding conditions for the past 45 years.

There are currently three remotes on the market today, specifically servicing the industrial market. These start from the CM1000, MTX1000 to the most popular, higher-end remote, the ATX1000.

“However, the recent release of the MTX1000 has generated a lot of interest and there has been a good take-up of this solution across all machine types; I believe it won’t be long until the MTX1000 becomes more sought after,” he said.

“The versatile small pendent is popular due to its functionality – it has two fully proportional joysticks and a number of buttons for digital functions that can be configured. In addition it is lightweight, low costs and has the ability to be paired with many receiver types.”

RCT’s CM1000 hand-held remote is available in three models; six and 12 button and a six button with two proportional paddles.

“These can all be paired to the CM1000 transceiver with expansion modules to give between six to 24 outputs depending on application requirements,” Mr Ingram said.

The ATX1000 is usually reserved for use on the larger machines as it’s robust in design and built to withstand the harshest conditions.

“Without question RCT have a proven product and reputation, in addition to this we also offer local support for our products,” he added.

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