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The EarthTrack® Fleet Management Solution is the key to smarter, profit boosting equipment. Providing machine and operator performance directly to the decision makers, in real-time.

Now more than ever mines are looking at ways to increase profitability and safety, and RCT’s latest innovation – EarthTrack® Fleet Management Solution is providing exactly that.

The new technology is transforming the way in which mining companies operate fleets worldwide; empowering users by arming them with intelligent, up-to-date information - ensuring they make informed decisions.

The state-of-the-art system delivers both machine and operator performance data which gives businesses the knowledge to improve its bottom line. A wealth of important information is collated on a machine, including its idling time, speed, machine utilisation reports, payload and impact monitoring.

The user-friendly system captures the data in real-time, meaning information can be delivered faster and as a result changes can be implemented more promptly. Mine managers are also able to receive ‘live alerts’ which brings serious issues to attention immediately, which can minimise and/or eliminate extensive damage to machines, resulting in less downtime.

All information is displayed on an interactive dashboard which can be accessed via any smart device with internet access – anywhere, anytime.

The EarthTrack® Fleet Management Solution is versatile and can be fitted to any mobile machine models and brands used in surface and underground mining - from light vehicles to loaders, lighting towers and dozers. If it is part of a mining fleet, the technology can be adapted.

EarthTrack® Fleet Management Solution is changing the way in which mines operate in the future.

Comment from RCT’s Head of Product Management Dave Holman

“RCT’s latest system offers relevant machine data so the customers can easily analyse it and make business decisions to deliver better bottom line profit,” Mr Holman said.

“One of the reasons EarthTrack® Fleet Management system has an advantage over every other system available is because it is universal over all machine types and brands which allows them to gather all the machine data into one area – making it very easy analyse their equipment both individually and as a group.”

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