RCT release new range of industrial remotes


Interest has peaked around RCT’s Industrial range of remote controls as the desire to safeguard operators and boost productivity increases.

RCT’s industrial range of remote control solutions have been recently redesigned to suit all applications including demolition, construction, process and refineries, agriculture and farming, transport and even forestry. The company’s remotes can tackle any task which requires a machine to be operated via remote control.

Leading this expansion into the sector is RCT’s Industrial Remote Control specialist, Matt Ingram; with more than 11 years of industry experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge with him.

“The industrial sector operates various mobile machines that would benefit from using remote control technology,” said Mr Ingram.

“Safety is one of the biggest factors. By removing the operator from the machine; companies can not only access hazardous areas in a safe manner, but increase productivity at the same time.”

“Being able to control the machine from a close proximity gives a better view of the work area which further reduces machine damage,” he added.

Mr Ingram described RCT’s offering as extensive with various remote control models available to cater to all requirements.

“The range caters to machines with simple functions to the more complex, from the CM1000 and MTX1000 right the way through to the most popular, higher-end remote - the ATX1000,” he said.

“The most exciting aspect of the range is that they can all be fitted to any type of mobile machine in the industrial sector, regardless of make or model.”

RCT has 45 years’ experience in the remote control industry and Mr Ingram is looking forward to cementing this reputation for years to come in the industrial sector.

“RCT is a global OEM of remote control and automation systems and is well-placed to supply the industrial market,” Mr Ingram added.

The company has installed remote control solutions on a wide range of mobile equipment including car carriers, side loaders, concrete boom trucks, mobile conveyors, skid steers and more.

According to Mr Ingram customers are realising the importance of remote control technology to operate mobile machinery in the industry.

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