Schneider Electric chooses RCT for industrial fleet management


Global automation specialists Schneider Electric and RCT partnered up in 2015 with the delivery of an fleet management solution for a number of forklifts in Singapore.

RCT’s SmarTrack® Industrial Fleet Management solution was chosen over competitors for a myriad of reasons including, the fact it was independent, user-friendly, and web-based.

“The first order of 35 units was supplied to Schneider Electric’s headquarters in Asia two years ago and the working relationship has grown from there,” said RCT’s Industrial Business Development Manager Grahame Don.

Just like RCT’s relationship with Schneider, the SmarTrack® Industrial Fleet Management solution has evolved and expanded over time.

Over the past two years RCT has supplied SmarTrack® for numerous forklift users nominated by Schneider in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. As distribution expanded, so did the need for the product to be adaptable to cater to different languages and as a result the product is now available with a multi-lingual display feature.

“RCT recognised that English wasn’t the first language for many operators and it was necessary to cater to the needs of the end-users,” said Mr Don.

“Therefore RCT’s product development team worked on multi-lingual options and as a result, the solution is now available in multiple languages.”

“Having this option available means the solution is adaptable worldwide.”

Together with Schneider Electric, RCT has been able to cater to clients direct needs; an attribute RCT endeavours to achieve with each project in undertakes.

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