The SmarTer way to manage an industrial fleet


In today’s market, many businesses across the industrial sector are looking at ways to ensure safety, while increasing productivity to improve profitability and RCT’s new and improved SmarTrack® solution is the answer.

The industrial fleet management system is simplifying the process by delivering relevant, easy to interpret data on all mobile and stationary equipment. The data is delivered in real-time to any device with internet access to empower fleet users with the relevant information needed to make smarter, profit-boosting decisions.

SmarTrack® is versatile and can be installed on a diverse range of industrial equipment including forklifts, trucks, buses, light vehicles, container stackers, straddle carriers and more.

The solution can track and identify machine utilisation, control who accesses machines, and acts as a great deterrent against machine abuse.

Track and identify machine utilisation, control and access across your entire industrial fleet with SmarTrack®.

Smartrack® ensures only authorised users can utilise the machine and is now available with multilingual options for pre- and post-start checklist to ensure the solution can be utilised worldwide.

The SmarTrack® solution’s new and improved charting dashboard provides users with all the information required to ensure a fleet is running efficiently at all times.

"There are now 10 different charting styles to choose from ensuring there is one to suit every operation, these charts generate relevant, visual reports and alerts for the user which can easily be downloaded to be included in end of month reports.”

Les Healey, SmarTrack® Product Manager

SmarTrack® is much more than the standard access system; it’s the solution needed to ensure operator safety, lower fuel consumption, decrease general machine wear and tear and damage.

"Employees and machines are a business’s biggest assets so it makes sense to protect them,” said Mr Healey.

"SmarTrack®’s comprehensive tracking feature ensures you know where individual machines are at all times and which operator is in control.

"Because operators are logged into the machines, any damage encountered during a shift is logged and they are held responsible which results in more responsible staff,” said Mr Healey.

In addition SmarTrack now offers battery monitoring and out of service and idle time status.

The solution is easy-to-install and can be used on any virtually any machine, regardless of make or model and on both mobile and fixed. This versatile solution and also be customised with various add-ons to address additional needs such as Engine Protection Systems, Seatbelt Controller and Speed Limiters – just to name a few.

As with all RCT’s solutions, SmarTrack® is backed by product support.

“Operators have access to the SmarTrack® website, telephone and email support if they have any questions or queries,” Mr Healey said.

Reduce fleet running costs, eliminate paperwork and simplify the industrial fleet management process with SmarTrack®.

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