PoC Works team a powerhouse of innovation


Innovation has been the driving force behind RCT’s success with the company going from strength to strength in the past 45 years. As a result, the company now spans five proven sub-brands comprising of numerous proven solutions.

RCT continues to advance its products and technology through formal market-driven Roadmaps, however, to remain at the forefront of innovation the company realised a need for a dedicated team to test new technologies, ideas and concepts which extend RCT’s product offer.

Consequently, RCT’s Proof of Concepts Works (PoC Works) team was established a year ago, and already they are proving to be a valuable resource for the company; allowing the company to test ideas quickly and inexpensively before feeding these concepts back into the engineering process. Encompassing the approach of innovating, collaborating and creating, the team’s motto is fail fast, learn quickly. With a thirst for problem solving the team uses a blue-sky approach to tackling each challenge presented to them.

PoC Works, work independently from RCT’s development team, however, they do enlist help from other staff members and third parties if and when needed.

To date, the PoC Works team has already produced two new innovative solutions; one of which RCT has just taken to market with, is one component of the company’s new Communications Solutions offering – RCT Bridge. This solution was a lingering project which adds further value to RCT’s proven Teleremote network to ensure more data transfer. RCT Bridge is literally “bridging” the gap for mines wanting to enter the digital world with their existing analogue infrastructure.

Next on the group’s agenda are projects that revolve around underground positioning and new website technologies while looking at existing obstacles and applying both new and old tools to address them.

This relatively new group is proving to be an effective model for major advancement in technology for RCT, enabling the company to continue to significantly impact the mining industry to improve productivity, sustainability and safety.

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