RCT’s automation boosts productivity at Egyptian mine


The introduction of RCT’s ControlMaster® Teleremote and Guidance systems has seen productivity and safety increase at a mine site in Egypt.

“The company’s main aim was to extract as much metal from the large porphyry body while eliminating damage to the site’s mining equipment in the process,” said RCT’s African Business Development Manager, Mike Thomas.

Two of the site’s Caterpillar R2900 loaders were equipped with RCT’s Smart Technology. The Teleremote solution has removed the operator from the cab of the loader, allowing them to control the machine from a safe location. At this particular site, the Automation Centre is on a skid, positioned in the back of a light vehicle, allowing for a mobile operation. Guidance has automated the loaders ensuring they avoid all walls and obstacles while tramming. Paired together, the two systems are designed to not only ensure operator safety, but significantly increase productivity by allowing machines to reach greater speeds and eliminating unscheduled downtime associated with machine collisions and shift changes.

In addition to installing the systems, RCT delivered training to operators and maintenance staff which took place both on site and at RCT’s Perth office.

“The specialised skills training has empowered staff with the knowledge, and know-how to maintain and troubleshoot the solutions installed,” added Mr Thomas.

“Training ensures the site can be self-sufficient when it comes to our solutions which in the long term reduces downtime as maintenance can be undertaken on site, there’s no need for it to be carried out overseas,” he said.

The ability for operators to control the loader on Teleremote and Guidance solutions has increased productivity and eliminated machine damage at the site – directly meeting the client’s requirements.

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