5 million operating hours of Guidance Automation


RCT’s automation journey is profound. The company’s ControlMaster® Automation solutions, in particular its Guidance has been driving productivity and profitability in the mining industry for more than 5 million operating hours.

“This is a significant milestone for RCT as it is much greater than other automation solutions available on the market today,” said RCT’s Automation and Control Product Manager, Brendon Cullen.

“RCT has the experience and know-how in the automation field, which surpasses other solutions available on the market.”


The Guidance technology is interfaced with the steering, brakes, throttle and gears to effectively control the travel of a mobile machine. Consisting of on-board GCU, front and rear lasers, cameras, and sensors it ensures the machine is tramming along the optimum path and at a speed that will deliver consistent cycle times across every shift. Guidance removes the operator from the cabin and allows them to control the machine with a joystick; only requiring them to move it in the direction the machine needs to go – the machine does the rest. As a result, this technology can help prevent machine damage and perform at a higher level to manually driven machines, for longer periods of time.

“Guidance has and will continue to prove itself in the automation field. We are proud of what this solution can do and have plans to keep innovating it to keep up industry demands,” said Mr Cullen.

RCT has hundreds of Guidance systems operating a minimum of 16 hours per day around the globe.

“In addition to this, there has been no lost time injury or machine damage reported during this time,” Mr Cullen added.

RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance solution can be installed on any machine, regardless of make or model; making it ideal for operations utilising a mixed fleet.




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