A customised chute control solution for an Indonesian mine


RCT is proud to announce its latest Custom project which will significantly improve operator safety and increase productivity at an underground mine in South East Asia.

The mine site wanted to further safeguard operators by removing all personnel from the truck loading chute chambers which are exposed to extreme environmental hazards such as wet muck rushes.

RCT Custom designed, manufactured and will soon install a bespoke remote control solution that allows operators to control the chutes, used to load trucks, from a safe location.

Operators will be able to control up to 10 chutes from four operator stations located in a central control room, with plans to expand the operation in the future.

The customised chute control solution works in conjunction with RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance Automation solution installed on the site’s Caterpillar AD60 underground articulated trucks. Guidance ensures the truck autonomously makes its way to the chute chambers.

The new chute control solution eliminates the need to have operators

in the hazardous area completely and therefore directly meets the client’s needs.

Stay tuned for more on this project….

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