Elko wrap up


The Elko Mining Expo is one of the oldest and most respected mining expos held in the US and RCT was proud to take part for the third year in a row.

This expo came onto RCT’s radar prior to the opening of the company’s US branch, and it has proven to be the ideal event for the company to have a presence at for numerous reasons.

“The team sees the event as a great opportunity to support the Elko community and to network with existing and potential clients in the area,” said RCT’s USA Account Manager for the West Coast, Ben Gunderson.

About 8,000 people attended this year’s event from near and far which resulted in a busy few days for the team.

“RCT’s booth piqued a lot of interest from passers-by throughout the two-day event. I believe it is because our offering is extensive and our automation range is versatile,” said Gunderson.

“It was a great opportunity to further familiarise visitors with RCT and showcase our entire range of solutions on offer.

The main attraction was of course our automation solutions; however, our EarthTrack® information systems were also sought after.”

“It was my first expo representing RCT, and I look forward to many more to come,” he added.

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