Improving dozer operator safety in Saudi Arabia


RCT has delivered seven ControlMaster® Line-of-Sight solutions to an oil company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The solution was installed on six CAT D8R’s and one CAT D9R to increase operator safety by removing them from the cab of the machines and allow them to control the dozers from a safe distance.

These machines are used for contingency purposes, on standby for incidents of oil well fires. The heat of the fires and the unpredictable ferocity of them flaring up put manually driven machine operators at extreme risk. The operators will now be able to focus better on dousing the fires using the remotes away from the hazardous area.

RCT had to develop a comprehensive mechatronics logic package to convert these machines. A remote hydraulic group was purpose-built to compensate for the machine’s lack of OEM electronic control. This ensured each function could be activated via remote control.

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