Smart Technology upgrades at Sunrise Dam


RCT is proud to announce its latest project with underground contract miner Barminco Limited at the AGAA-owned Sunrise Dam Gold Mine in Western Australia.

The Sunrise Dam project is no stranger to RCT’s Smart Technology with ControlMaster® Guidance Automation already deployed across its SANDVIK and CAT loader fleet, controlled from RCT’s underground and surface operator stations positioned throughout the mine.

The latest project will see the implementation of a number of innovative enhancements, including the delivery of Multiple Machine Selection (MMS) and Multiple Machine Control (MMC), operated via RCT’s latest communication offer RCT Bridge.

Three of the site’s loaders will be equipped with RCT’s Bridge technology as part of Sunrise Dam’s stage one rollout of the technology. RCT Bridge is the upgrade path to digitisation and will allow an IP stream to be transmitted over the existing analogue network; enabling large volumes of information to be transmitted and received promptly at RCT’s Automation Area Cabinets (AAC).

RCT Bridge was required to upgrade the mine’s network; to support the latest autonomous features and delivers further value to the customer with minimal investment or the need to move to a full-scale digital network in the work area.

In addition to this, the existing surface control station will be upgraded to an Automation Control Centre designed with operator ergonomics in mind.

MMS and MMC will allow an operator to control multiple machines from the one station to increase efficiency and productivity on site.

Installation is scheduled for early July.

Stay tuned for more on this project…

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