Custom water truck solution for Elphinstone


RCT is proud to announce its latest project with Tasmanian-based Caterpillar OEM, Elphinstone for its client in Indonesia.

This project will be carried out by bespoke department, RCT Custom who were engaged to implement a ControlMaster® Portable Teleremote solution for an Elphinstone-manufactured WR820 Articulated Underground Water Truck.

RCT’s Portable Teleremote solution works by utilising cameras on board the machine to relay vision of its movements to the operator; who can then oversee the machine via remote control.

The machine’s tramming and the articulation of the water cannon mounted on the crane will be controlled by RCT using looms and hydraulics installed and manufactured by Elphinstone to RCT specifications. This wasn’t a straightforward installation, hence why RCT Custom was tasked with the job.

This is the second project where RCT Custom has applied this technology to a water cart for the same clients.

Stay tuned for more on this project…

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