Interoperability the key to the future of mining


RCT believes in pushing the boundaries of the traditional ways of doing things and as a result, it has remained cutting edge since its establishment in the 1970s.

In recent times the mining industry has recently undergone significant changes as it embraces and leverages automation and digital technologies to streamline efficiencies to increase productivity, safety and significantly reduce costs.

RCT has been there, every step of the way and as a result, it has released its own Interoperability statement.

“The statement is necessary in today’s digital world as the demand for data continues to grow significantly as clients look towards analytics and systems to process, analyse, interpret and convert to the desired information,” said RCT’s Mining and Resources Product Manager, Mick Tanner

It outlines how RCT’s systems will communicate within this digital sphere in order to adhere to data privacy and ensure safety within this space. Available on RCT’s website, it covers data accessibility, fleet data compatibility, data privacy and protection.

RCT’s EarthTrack® data and information product range is its highly interoperable solution that will deliver clients relevant information. This information system will do so by retaining systems original character and integrity without compromising the safety of other systems.

“The term Interoperability means the ability of a system to work with or use the parts of equipment of another system,” he added.

Although Interoperability is the latest buzzword, RCT has long held the philosophy of ensuring that its systems have always been able to integrate with client’s existing infrastructure seamlessly.

“As an independent technology supplier, this has always been our point of difference from the OEM’s systems,” said Tanner.

“RCT’s systems can integrate with any machine, regardless of make and model. Also, within any mine’s communications network and infrastructure and with any other systems; sharing critical information without compromising safety and system functionality.".

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