7 reasons why industrial fleet management systems matter


1. Information is power

How do people know how to enhance operations if they don’t know what exactly needs improving?

Fleet management systems provide businesses with the succinct information needed to make constructive changes to improve the operation of their fleets. This information is used to address areas to improve upon whether it be resource, asset management related or both. In some instances, businesses don’t realise there are small adjustments they can make to see operating costs reduce and productivity increase. It’s thanks to the information supplied by fleet management systems that give people the power to make the required changes needed to see compelling results.

2. Increase productivity

Increasing output, reducing machine maintenance, streamlining efficiencies and improving safety are all made possible with the help of fleet management systems and all aid in increasing productivity in business. For example, productivity can be affected when mobile machines and/or equipment are unexpectedly out of service. Fleet management solutions can alert management when servicing is due and when incidents have occurred to prevent unexpected downtime which directly affects productivity.

With SmarTrack® Fleet management, information is reported electronically, meaning management is more inclined to act upon the notification than if this was manually recorded. The out of service notification allows clients to categorise planned and unplanned maintenance which helps allocate resources and understanding to the cost of the client’s fleet. The incident reporting feature also ensures operators are more accountable for machine damage.

3. Stay compliant

Compliance is key in the business world! Obeying legal laws and regulations is of the utmost importance to avoid incidents and fines and fleet management systems can help. Fleet management systems can ensure only licensed, qualified personnel can access equipment; preventing any unauthorised use. Fleet management system, SmarTrack® will only allow authorised personnel to access machines via a swipe card or pin number, it delivers pre-start checklists (available in English and two other languages making it ideal for worldwide use). Live email alerts also notify management when operators’ licences are approaching renewal dates, ensuring all personnel are appropriately licenced.

4. Improve safety

Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility; to ensure the wellbeing of themselves and colleagues. Incidents can have a dramatic effect on business, so prevention is key and fleet management is the answer; helping to adopt a preventative and predictive approach to workplace safety. The implementation of fleet management systems create a greater awareness among employees that leads to greater ownership and behavioural changes in operators which reduces incidents. Fleet management systems such as SmarTrack® is equipped with impact monitoring; meaning management is notified of any incidents involving machines making contact with anything
and any points of sharp deceleration, making operators more accountable.

This also helps management identify where the majority incidents are occurring to identify and address “black spots” in the working environment as well as recording where impacts occurred if it happened outside in view of satellites).

5. Understanding fleet utilisation

Imagine having the tools available to gain a comprehensive understanding of how fleets and operators are performing and using this information to assist the decision making process, to ensure the fleet is well-utilised at all times?

In business it is imperative for a fleet to do more, with less; the more a business can get out of their fleet, the more competitive they are. Being able to strategically improve fleet utilisation, not only boosts productivity and decreases costs but also increases profitability of a business, which is always everyone’s end-goal.

Additional benefits of tracking utilisation include reducing fuel consumption, assisting with fleet deployment and having the ability to compare traction vs idle time to plan and manage personnel across during shifts. Alerts and graphs, reports are provided by SmarTrack® displaying fleet utilisation information in an intuitive and easy-to-read

6. Boost security

Controlling and monitoring access to equipment in a fleet has numerous security and safety benefits. It ensures only those with valid licences and permission is able to access machines to safeguard companies to prevent incidents but also gives businesses up-to-date information about where vehicles in their fleet are located at all times and personnel who have had access to the machine last. With the SmarTrack® fleet management solution, machines can only be accessed via an operator sign in via a swipe card or a pin number; whatever is more suitable
for the company.

7. Reduce overall costs

Fleet management solutions can help companies to decrease fleet-related costs to increase profitability. These systems are integral for monitoring and making progressive changes in managing fleets. It’s these step-changes that work towards reducing incidents, damage and costs associated with manual paperwork which in turn significantly reduces costs. All the benefits associated with the implementation of fleet management systems save businesses money in the short and long-term.

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