Panoramic takes innovative approach at Savannah Mine


Panoramic Resources’ Savannah Mine in Western Australia is back in business following the discovery of the Savannah North nickel project with RCT’s Guidance Automation helping to increase productivity on site.

Already familiar with RCT’s Smart Technology, having previously implemented the company’s Teleremote on machines, Panoramic were already aware of the safety aspects of the technology and looked towards an upgrade to further drive productivity and profitability.

RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance Automation, Point-to-Point and G-Dash was installed on the site’s existing CAT R2900 loaders; allowing operators to safely control the machines from the comfort of an Automation Centre on the site’s surface.

In this instance, RCT retrofitted the site’s existing Telecabins, to make use of existing infrastructure. These cabins were fully refurbished and fitted out with the latest control chairs, Laser Guard containment and communication hardware features.

Guidance Automation and Point-to-Point feature will increase productivity by allowing for ‘hot-seat’ during shift changes, significantly reduce unexpected downtime associated with machine damage, and increase overall machine utilisation which will in turn increase profitability.

RCT also provide specialised training for operators, to make them more self-sufficient on site to further reduce downtime.

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