Improving safety at Hail Creek Coal Mine


RCT is proud to announce its latest project with Glencore’s Hail Creek Coal Mine site in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia.

RCT installed an AusProTec™ LED numbering system to a fleet of seven surface mine water trucks to help improve positive identification of fleet numbering from the rear of the water truck.

This numbering system was implemented when key site personnel visited Glencore’s Clermont Coal mine and saw RCT’s LED numbering system in operation first-hand.

"The LED Fleet Numbers system is an easy to assemble and low maintenance piece of equipment ideal for identifying individual mobile plant at night from a great distance away," RCT Account Manager Wayne Carrington said.

"Hail Creek installed the LED numbers to combat coal dust which tended to settle on the machines covering their individual markings."

This initiative is just another way Glencore is safeguarding operators.

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