RCT and TecWise join forces for the Brazilian market


Automation specialist RCT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Latin American technology service provider TecWise to provide state-of-the-art automation solutions throughout Brazil.

The partnership will see TecWise distribute RCT’s suite of control and automation technology as well as protection and information products to clients across the Brazil mining and industrial sectors.

For the past 47 years Australian company RCT - which has a business team in Santiago, Chile − has delivered quality technological solutions for mobile equipment to mining and resource companies around the world.

RCT’s technology improves the performance and safety of mobile equipment often removing equipment operators from the machine cab away from potentially hazardous situations to safely located operator stations or control rooms.

RCT empowers clients with OEM skills training, adding specialised after-sales service and quality parts.

TecWise has a strong history of deploying and supporting fit-for-purpose communications and technology integration solutions to companies across Brazil and the broader Latin American countries.

RCT Commercial Executive Phil Goode said “the recently signed MOU was an important step in offering the company’s smart automation solutions and related products to customers across Brazil, delivered and supported locally.

"RCT and TecWise are already collaborating on numerous projects requiring solutions that are industry proven and reliable. Brazil is a massive market that needs local expertise to meet customer and regulatory requirements," he said.

"Under the terms of the MOU, TecWise will be authorised to sell and provide ongoing technical support to customers in Brazil."

"Brazilian miners know our ControlMaster® solutions as world-leading, they want a strong local partnership to help them take advantage of smart technologies in their operations."

"The whole TecWise team is excited to partner with RCT to deliver the most proven and reliable automation solutions of its kind to our clients across the mining and industrial sectors in Brazil. TecWise can offer the strong on-ground support and local expertise needed to fully realise the safety and productivity benefits that RCT’s technology can unlock for our customers," said Omar Garzedin, TecWise Chief Executive Officer.

To learn more about how TecWise and RCT are bringing their offering to the Brazilian market, please contact TecWise Business Development Manager Henrique de Castro at xxxxxxxx.xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx.xx or +XX XX XXXX-XXXX.

About TecWise

Founded in 1997, TecWise works very closely with its customer base in designing, deploying, and supporting fit-for-purpose, performance-driven, communications and technology integration solutions; always engineered to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. Operating across the whole of Brazil, as well as working in Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Panama; TecWise is as of 2013 a part of the https://www.commsinternational.com/ group of companies, serving as its LATAM foundation. TecWise acts as an exclusive distributor in both Brazil and LATAM for a range of OEMs, each of which is a leader in their respective segment. The company is made up of a commercial team that has a deep understanding of the operational realities of its clients, a team of technicians and engineers from a wide range of disciples which includes electronics, instrumentation, RF, GeoEnvironmental, and automation. When combined with its project management and support resources, TecWise is able to offer a unique set of abilities to its clients, which adheres to the highest international standards. Please visit http://www.tecwise.com.br/ for more information.

RCT has commissioned ControlMaster® Teleremote technology on this CAT D11T dozer at Teck Resources Coal Mountain Operations in Canada.

RCT has commissioned ControlMaster® Guidance Automation onto multiple machines including this CAT 2900 underground loader for MATSA Resources in Spain.

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