SmarTrack® Global revolutionises industrial fleet operations


RCT is advancing the way companies around the world manage their materials handling fleet with the launch of its latest fleet management system SmarTrack® Global.

SmarTrack® Global offers several new features to the existing product range including global reporting, seat, seatbelt, speed and weight monitoring along with improved out-of-service functions.

RCT SmarTrack® Product Manager Les Healey said global reporting enables managers to view every site within a business and compare data between sites in different regions.

“The Global Reporting feature means anyone with the appropriate permission can access detailed information about a single machine as well as have an overarching view of how that machine compares to the entire fleet,” he said.

“SmarTrack® Global can be fitted to any piece of equipment and customised to the specific needs of the client so it offers significant potential to optimise operations.”

SmarTrack® Global has a multilingual operator interface which allows the preferred language to be selected based on the operator’s login ID, making the system even more user friendly.

The multilingual functions extend to the web portal with managers being able to select their language of choice.

SmarTrack® Global incorporates more than 10 years of knowledge in fleet management systems along with all the features of previous versions.

The new system expands on the already extensive reporting and system management features with highly configurable components which are all linked together through the intuitive web portal.

RCT Senior Business Development Manager – Industrial, Grahame Don said SmarTrack® Global enables managers to access data across multiple sites with mixed fleets on one platform in real time.

“Global Reporting provides powerful data from fleets regardless of location because it provides a truly global solution that supports different languages,” he said.

“The information is delivered to the end user enabling better understanding of fleet trends and events, assisting management to make more informed decisions.”

SmarTrack® Global is currently deployed at multiple sites supporting warehousing, manufacturing, construction and agricultural applications around the world.

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