Autonomous fleet operating at Indian zinc mine


Leading autonomous solutions specialist RCT has entered into its first automation project in India for one of the world’s largest zinc mining companies, Hindustan Zinc Limited and their mining services provider Barminco.

The package of works involves commissioning ControlMaster® Guidance Automation onto two CAT R2900 underground loaders at Hindustan’s Rampura Agucha mine in Rajasthan province.

The loaders will now undertake Teleremote mining in open stopes developed by Barminco.

RCT will install two underground ControlMaster® Automation Centres as well as four ControlMaster® Area Access Cabinets into mine stopes which collectively enable machine operators to safely manage the machines away from the mine face.

The Automation Centres will also be equipped with Multiple Machine Selection and Multiple Machine Control options, enabling a single operator to manage both machines at one time.

The project represents the first time RCT has deployed its proprietary digital communications network RCT Connect into a mine site anywhere in the world.

RCT will carry out training programs to empower local operators and maintenance personnel then machine servicing works on an ongoing basis.

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