RCT advances surface mobile equipment control offering


Leading autonomous solutions specialist RCT is cementing its position as the world leader in implementing vehicle control solutions across a wide array of automated surface mining equipment.

RCT is building on its 45-year history of creating, installing and servicing various automation and control solutions for the global underground mining sector.

The key to RCT’s success in vehicle control solutions rests with its cutting edge engineering capabilities to deliver market-leading drive-by-wire packages which interfaces directly with machine systems to control steering, braking, speed and system control across any machine make or model.

RCT’s drive-by-wire package underpins the existing ControlMaster® product range which is currently used by mining companies across 71 countries around the world.

While RCT has decades of experience implementing control solutions across all types of surface mining equipment —such as bulldozers or haul trucks—the company is taking a greater focus on managing entire surface fleets.

RCT prides itself on listening to the unique needs of each customer and developing bespoke vehicle automation and control packages designed to improve personnel safety and mine site productivity.

The company’s Vehicle Control (VC) solutions are designed to be interoperable with various packages and can integrate into any third party Vehicle Intervention Systems (VIS).

RCT’s vehicle control solution monitors machine operations and passes information to the VIS which monitors the surrounding mine environment through GPS and other sensor technology in real time.

Based on this data the VIS will send commands which will affect the machine’s operations to avoid a potential hazard such as another machine in its path, mining personnel or environmental factors.

The result is a state-of-the-art Collision Avoidance System (CAS) for surface mining equipment.

RCT’s Automation and Control Product Manager, Brendon Cullen says RCT’s experience with machine integration packages is second to none.

“We have over 45 years’ experience installing technology on various generations of mining equipment sourced from any original equipment manufacturer and our ability to innovate and solve problems is where we excel,” he said.

“As we develop vehicle control for surface fleets we are able to take a much bigger role in managing the integration of various third party vehicle intervention systems to deliver collision avoidance technology to active mine sites.”

“CAS in surface fleets are becoming a critical aspect of modern day open pit operations and we are proactively applying our proven expertise in this area to provide safeguards for site personnel and underpin productivity gains.”

RCT provides ongoing after sales support, industry leading training and onsite technical support.

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