The specialised Wi-Fi network enhancing mining performance


The new specialised Wi-Fi network RCT Connect – developed by RCT – is the first ever mining communications system created specifically to support all underground autonomous mining equipment.

RCT Connect is truly flexible in that it is designed to engage with any third-party systems and can even enhance the performance of any mining automation and control solutions available on the market.

Since the network’s launch in 2019 it has been deployed into multiple active mines around the world and it has generated strong and positive feedback from site personnel.

RCT Automation and Control Product Manager Brendon Cullen said RCT Connect is the best underground communications network option available.

“The system is inexpensive and very user friendly so it can be set up quite easily by mine site technicians who do not need specialised training in order to establish and maintain this technology,” he said.

“RCT Connect is designed to be agnostic and so can integrate with all of the commercially available automation and control solutions offered by global manufacturers.”

“The network is designed to deliver very stable performance and low, consistent latency between operator stations in secure, remote locations and the machine located in production areas.”

Customers will be able to cheaply scale RCT Connect to suit their needs as their underground mining operation evolves.

The network can be adjusted to suit various tramming distances and can ensure effective machine operation over shorter runs as well as longer runs.

Mr Cullen said one key aspect of RCT Connect is its smart roaming feature which is always searching for new wireless access points as underground mining equipment auto trams between certain locations.

“Many commercially available communications networks are configured to access certain nodes for too long and as mobile mining equipment continues to traverse a site it can result in communication failures,” he said.

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