RCT launches online training – anywhere, anytime


RCT’s Product Skills training can now be delivered anywhere, anytime thanks to the launch of its industry-recognised online training this week.

The company's skills training is held in high regard by major mining companies and RCT decided to make the numerous courses available online to upskill workers based in remote mine sites around the world.

“This was deemed even more important due to the current global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic,” said RCT’s Product Training Co-ordinator, Sunil Kumar.

“We live in a world where everyone wants easy, quick and convenient access to services and the technology is so readily accessible via hand held devices and laptops,” he said.

Therefore, this week RCT’s training will officially expand to encompass webinar and online training in addition to the face-to-face training the company has always proudly delivered at various RCT branches around the world or on site.

“Online training offers people convenience above all else. It is not always possible for the people wanting to undertake training to come to us or for our trainers to get to them due to circumstances out of our control.

“We are a global company; our technology is used in 71 countries including South Africa, Russia, America, Canada and Chile. This is our opportunity to bring the training to them.”

Participants can now choose to partake in webinar training, where they access the training via their computer and complete it in a virtual classroom. This option allows people to communicate directly with the trainer, ask questions, and interact where needed for the duration of the course.

“This is ideal for people who would benefit from learning in a classroom environment, but can’t physically be in the room due to the current travel restrictions or even the costs associated with travelling to our headquarters.”

In addition to webinar-based training RCT now also offers a self-learning option, which offers flexible learning. The courses can be completed anytime, anywhere, as it is all fully online via RCT’s online training portal.

“RCT is aware that everyone learns differently, whether they be visual learners, verbal or the hands-on approach. Therefore we have made sure that we have catered to everyone’s style of learning,” said Kumar.

There are numerous courses available ranging from operator and maintenance training for those utilising RCT’s ControlMaster® automation solutions and industrial Fleet Management solution, SmarTrack® Global.

“Each course offers participants an introduction, course overview, course content, videos, animations and interactive tools before they are required to take an assessment. Only once a participant has achieved a 100% score will they be able to pass the course and receive their certificate in that area of training.”

Now more than ever an online learning environment is integral given the current world circumstances. Covid-19 has seen thousands of people out of work and looking at other career prospects and mining is a popular choice.

“These training courses are available to the masses and are perfect for anyone wanting to gain a competitive edge for a new job they are applying for.”

RCT prides itself on delivering state-of-the art training to complement its cutting-edge solutions to allow everyone to be job ready or even advance their careers in the industry.

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