RCT tech fastens USA forklift operations


American materials handling dealer Equipment Depot is thrilled with the success of its latest project with smart technology specialist RCT, which has seen the successful rollout of forklift seatbelt safety solutions.

Recently, Californian-based specialists with Equipment Depot approached RCT’s Industrial Account Manager Nikolas Walden to provide an operator safety solution to fit to two new Cat forklifts for their customer.

RCT subsequently provided its Muirhead® Sequential Seatbelt Controller (SSBC) which requires forklift operators to act in a particular sequence – sit down and engage their seatbelt – to activate the machine.

The solution is designed to immobilize the forklift until the operator is sitting and the seatbelt is engaged.

Equipment Depot Account Manager Oliver Bragg said their customer requested the additions to their new forklifts to safeguard their operators.

“As the trucks were in our inventory we had to find an alternative source rather than order (fitted out forklifts) from the factory,” Mr Bragg said.

“I spoke with Nikolas and he advised me on how easy (the Muirhead® Sequential Seatbelt Controller) is to retrofit onto an existing unit.”

“Nikolas shipped the product right away and provided my technicians with information on how to install it.

“The units were delivered to my customer and they loved how the system performs. They like the reassurance that the operators have to purposely bypass the system in order not to wear a seatbelt and this allows them to keep their operators accountable.”

“Thank you to RCT and Nikolas. I will be using you again for many more business deals.”

Mr Walden said RCT is very pleased to supply Equipment Depot with quality industrial technology that meets their needs.

“Our products are specifically designed to retrofit with any type of equipment regardless of their age, make or model and proved to be an ideal solution to this particular situation,” he said.

“This product will protect workers in the course of operating the forklift fleet and ensure they are working inline with company-mandated policies and safety laws.”

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