New lease on Lifetime thanks to SmarTrack®


USA retail chain Lifetime Products is enhancing its logistics operations following the deployment of RCT’s advanced fleet management solution SmarTrack® Global.

The industrial fleet management technology provides Lifetime Products' management with a comprehensive overview of their materials handling equipment fleet and workforce behavior.

Lifetime Products sells a broad range of outdoor equipment including sporting goods, porch furniture and gardening equipment which are manufactured and distributed by over 1,500 employees.

The company originated in the garage of its founder in 1986 but now boasts six outlet stores across Utah, one in Idaho and a network of international partners.

Lifetime Products Area Supervisor Brandi James said SmarTrack® Global is benefitting fleet operations across multiple areas.

“(Since) installing SmarTrack® on our lifts (it has) improved our safety 10-fold (and we) have been able to manage maintenance on the machines a lot better,” he said.

“(SmarTrack® has) improved our overall productivity and keeping the workers liable for what they are doing and how they are spending their time (when they operate the equipment).”

SmarTrack® Global’s market-leading features include global reporting whereby managers can access real-time data on the entire mixed equipment fleet regardless of make or model across multiple sites, from one device.

The solution also offers pre- and post-start checklists, email alerts for incidents and expiring licenses, operator login requirements and machine speed, weight, seat and buckle monitoring.

Following a successful trial period of SmarTrack® Global, RCT’s Salt Lake City-based team are rolling out the solution across 15 machines within two Lifetime warehouses at the Freeport Center Industrial Complex in Clearfield, Utah.

SmarTrack® Global is seamlessly integrating with Lifetime’s diverse fleet including Uni Carrier internal combustion RSIL18NV and MCUIF2A25LV forklifts and Jungheinrich battery-electric ETG318 forklifts.

RCT Account Manager – Industrial, Nikolas Walden said the solution is providing Lifetime with real-time data which enables managers to make immediate improvements across their mixed equipment.

“SmarTrack® is holding operators accountable for equipment damage and management has noticed that SmarTrack®-equipped machines have significantly less damage than machines without SmarTrack®,” he said.

“The technology enables supervisors to easily access pre-shift inspections and to receive real-time alerts when a lift needs service or repairs.”

“SmarTrack® has increased productivity across their operations because management can see what machines are spending excessive amounts of time idling and they can implement new procedures to address this.”

RCT’s local Field Service team are implementing SmarTrack® Global across the machine fleet and providing onsite technical support to Lifetime staff on an ongoing basis.

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