RCT Speed Gates secure WA forklift fleet


Safety is paramount for national printing specialist, Ovato who have successfully utilised RCT’s Muirhead® Speed Gates solution at its warehouse operations in Western Australia.

Muirhead® Speed Gates automatically reduces an industrial machine’s speed depending on pre-determined speed restrictions across a logistics site.

Meaning that regardless of operator input this product effectively enforces speed limits in yards, inside warehouses and common pedestrian areas.

The technology is mounted above warehouse entrances/exits and racking aisles and communicates with Machine Location Tags fitted to the roof of equipment such as forklifts and reach trucks.

Ovato WA Logistics Manager Mark Mead said their operation uses a fleet of Toyota forklifts including plain models and machines with clamp and grab capabilities.

He said since being installed the Speed Gates have worked well and the site has not recorded any incidents.

“I have had no reports from anybody on site about any issues or problems so I would say they have definitely been a success at this location,” he said.

“The product is pretty much set and forget so the staff are aware it is there and when driving the forklifts you notice the change in speeds when you drive around inside the warehouse and then move outside.”

Mr Mead said they sought to install Speed Gates to improve safe forklift operations and ensure compliance with safety policies.

“Similar to how we have speed limits for cars onsite it is important we have the same rules with forklifts,” he said.

“If you are carrying a two-tonne load then you want to have confidence that you are in control of the machine’s speed so it makes sense to have Speed Gates for sure.”

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