RCT automation clears the lane in California


For its latest civil project in the USA, smart technology specialist RCT automated a mixed earthmoving fleet which has safely and effectively cleaned up a major landslide.

RCT’s market-leading ControlMaster® solution formed a crucial part of the overall project as it relocated earthmoving machine operators into a secure control room, away from the unstable work face.

This ensured the project complied with state safety regulations and allowed the civil contractor to safely clear the landslide which blocked a major road at the base of a Californian valley.

RCT’s local Field Service Team attended site and commissioned ControlMaster® onto the earthmoving fleet consisting of one Cat D8T dozer, a Cat 349F Excavator and a Cat 740 articulated dump truck.

The team also established three ControlMaster® Automation Centers within the secure control room and mentored machine operators in utilizing the technology to achieve maximum machine efficiency.

RCT Senior Account Manager Landon Lounsbury said they were able to successfully complete the project within the specified short timeframe.

"Rolling out ControlMaster® enabled the contractor to comply with safety regulations and complete the full scope of works needed to get the job done without compromising the safety of their operators,” he said.

“The machine operators loved the comfort and the functionality of the Automation Center and were impressed they could direct all machine functions as if they were sitting in the machine’s cab.”

“While ControlMaster® has an extensive history in the global mining industry we are pleased to demonstrate through this project that the technology can empower large-scale civil and construction industry projects.

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