Information & Data is key with RCT


The information age has transformed the workplace, allowing for data to be available instantaneously. However, it’s the relevant data that is key to building a successful business.

Technology company, RCT has a range of solutions designed to improve decision-making, accelerate innovation, enhance customer experience, and drive operational efficiency.

RCT’s Data & Information offering is extensive and comprehensive – spanning both the mining and industrial markets and with more than 20 years in the information realm, RCT has the experience and a range of solutions proven in these spaces.

“RCT can offer clients, near real-time relevant machine information and production statistics which is then later collated and available in a succinct report which can be made available to decision-makers,” said RCT’s Head of Product Management, Brendon Cullen.

All the company’s Data & Information solutions are interoperable, meaning they can work on any machine, regardless of make or model.

“This is another, a significant attribute that sets our solutions apart from others available in the market today,” he said.

“Being able to obtain information in areas that they can act on and make informed decisions about what they are seeing which can lead to cost reductions.”

The systems deliver key information about machines such as the percentage of time it has spent both idle and productive, battery voltage level, service schedule, critical output, engine monitoring and more.

“The feedback from clients has always been that they want more data, but they are sometimes unsure what exactly they need. RCT has refined what’s relevant and what they can act on,” said Mr Cullen.

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