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For the past 48 years, RCT has prided itself on being at the technological forefront when it comes to automating mobile machines. Predominately known in the mining industry, RCT is well versed across all industries that utilise mobile equipment.

During this time, the company has delivered solutions to help clients achieve their operating goals.

Whether that be increased productivity, safety and profitability, accessing an area of a mine once deemed impossible to mine, or reducing wear and tear of equipment, RCT has the proven automation solution.

For a long time, RCT’s point of difference was its ability to be able to apply its ControlMaster® Automation and Control technology onto ANY machine, regardless of brand, make or model. While this still rings true, the company’s unique offering and point of differences have also grown exponentially over the years.

“While it’s still a really important factor that RCT is brand agnostic, meaning we are able to work with new and old models from all the OEM’s, it now goes beyond that,” said RCT’s Automation and Control Product Manager, Brendon Cullen.

RCT’s ControlMaster® solutions can be installed on one machine or a whole fleet of different mobile machines and the level of automation is scalable to client’s needs.

“If a client requires Teleremote control to begin with and then wants to advance to full automation of a machine, RCT can work with them to do this, without needing to replace the existing solution. It’s simply an add-on which is both easy and cost-effective,” said Cullen.

Automation is facilitated with the aid of a communications network. Whether RCT is converting one machine or an entire fleet, the company can integrate it into a client’s existing network and if they simply do not have a network in place to support the technology, RCT can easily provide one.

“We are fortunate as our expertise lies with working with both our product and in the mines alongside our customers. We have a clear understanding of what our client’s requirements are we are able to help them what they need as their mines advance,” he said.

In addition to this, RCT’s solutions are backed by global support with the help of a specialised Operational Technology department. This team is dedicated to ensuring a fast service response time to clients and enabling the team to support and maintain solutions for them remotely as well as constantly improving solutions based on client feedback.

When RCT doesn’t have an off-the-shelf solution available to suit a client’s needs, it’s specialised team – RCT Custom – can produce a bespoke solution that can.

“Clients choose us for the flexibility, adaptability and the way we can customise to suit specific requirements,” said Cullen.
“However, you can’t go past the fact that RCT is backed by immense experience.”

“No other company in the field has so much combined experience. While we have competitors with some similar technology and brands to us, in some of the places we do business, none of them are doing it our scale, with our combined offering.”

“RCT is the automation global leader, helping to empower customers to achieve their goals with our state-of-the-art solutions.”

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