Payload system bolsters mining fleet operations


Gold mining company Silver Lake Resources is more efficiently managing its earthmoving fleet in Western Australia following the implementation of smart technology company RCT’s EarthTrack® information monitoring tool.

RCT recently commissioned its market-leading EarthTrack® Payload Management System on Silver Lake Resources’ mixed fleet consisting of 5 Cat 777F Dump Trucks, 1 Hitachi 1200-6 Excavator and 1 Hitachi 1900-6 Excavator.

The solution provides Silver Lake Resources’ machine operators with real-time information about payload distribution and optimal load weights at the Mount Monger operation in Western Australia’s Goldfields.

Site managers can now closely monitor machine and operator productivity, prevent truck strut damage from over loading, reduce tyre wear and achieve better fuel consumption to significantly reduce overall running costs.

The system transmits payload data from the truck being loaded to the loading tool – in this case the excavator – which enables the loader operator to fill the trucks tray to the optimal weight.

One of the EarthTrack® system’s key features is that it monitors payload distribution in real time and alerts the operator of an uneven distribution allowing them to take action to avoid strut damage.

The systems external LED Payload Display conveniently relays the load weight to any personnel in visual range of the display.

RCT Account Manager Scott Phillips said the system will maximise efficiency and productivity of their mining fleet.

“This solution enhances the excavator operator’s ability to load dirt in an effective manner that ensures optimal loading conditions with every bucket.”

“Ineffective loading can lead to strut damage and wear and tear to machines which results in costly maintenance downtime to the mining fleet.”

“This tool will enable site personnel to make better decisions to ensure smooth and consistent operations while allowing site management to monitor the operation closely.”

RCT will continue to provide after-sales support and technical assistance as required.

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