The smarter way to monitor your fleet


RCT prides itself on continually innovating to remain revolutionary, this is reflective across ALL of its sub-brands, and the Smart Service Monitor is no exception.

The newest product is part of the Muirhead® range of protection solutions designed to protect both machines and operators.

Easily installed, the Smart Service Monitor takes the traditionally basic device, which previously only gave an estimate on when a machine requires a service and delivers an all-round information system for up to eight inputs.

“This allows the monitoring of up to eight measurable components. Having the information allows for companies to schedule servicing of different components of a machine when it’s due,” said RCT’s Mining and Resources Product Manager, Mick Tanner.

“Information is power and having accurate information, delivered in an easy and concise manner allows management to ensure machines and their individual components are serviced correctly, therefore significantly increasing machine availability and extending the lifespan of equipment,” he added.

The Smart Service Monitor was developed by RCT in response to industry demand.

“Clients wanted more specific information about their machines and components in order to streamline efficiencies. Having all the machines operating at optimal performance ensures this is achieved.”

“This solution is all about minimising the costs associated with machine running costs and maximising the utilisation of machines.”

For example, it is possible for the monitor to intelligently log engine run hours; by monitoring the RPM the device can monitor the time in idle and the time in a work state off the same input. the counter has been designed to count, up or down depending on what is required.

By logging such an integral piece of information, it is possible to ensure that machine servicing is carried out regularly when required to ensure optimal performance. This is not only a legal obligation to reduce any risks because of unexpected failures but it also prevents machines running at a lower efficiency.

Designed to monitor the work hours of equipment to alert the user if the equipment requires or is overdue for a service. In addition, it is also capable of sending out both visual and audio alarms to alert the operators.

“The most impressive aspect is that the system can monitor up to 10 different things at once, which allows the end user to have a great overall picture of a machine’s health and be assured operations are running optimally,” he said.

All that is required to monitor a machine component via the Smart Service Monitor is either a frequency input, PWM input or just a straight digital or analogue voltage.

In addition, the Smart Service Monitor is complementary to RCT’s Automation solutions. The Smart Service Monitor can record the operating hours of these solutions to ensure servicing can be carried out at appropriate times to maintain optimal efficiency.

In addition to being versatile and adaptable, RCT’s Smart Service Monitor is easy-to-install and can be positioned on any machine; it does not require a specific machine to work. The device is configured through an inbuilt programming tool.

All that is needed is a smart device, PC, laptop or phone connected to the Wi-Fi. For security reasons, connection is password-protected to prevent people from making changes that the supervisor might not want including re-setting counters.

End users are provided with integral information about machines that they would not normally have access to.
“They can basically monitor the hours of anything they see of value,” said Tanner.

There are four stages of alerts when a service is nearing its due date, giving plenty of warning in order for servicing to be scheduled accordingly.

“RCT’s Smart Service Monitor is a game-changer – instead of purchasing multiple meters to monitor specific component and machine hours, you can just buy the one to do the job and do it well.”

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