Autonomous fleet excels at Rothsay


Redpath Australia is utilising the industry-leading proven autonomous and interoperable mining fleet rolled out at the Rothsay Gold Mine in Western Australia in partnership with smart technology specialist RCT.

Redpath Australia selected RCT’s adaptive solutions in line with its technology roadmap which prioritises implementing innovative technology that enables mining companies to consistently improve their operations.

RCT has worked closely with Redpath Australia to implement its ControlMaster® Guidance solutions at the new narrow-vein gold mine in line with the ramp up of development works.

The underground mine is utilising three Sandvik LH203’s commissioned with ControlMaster® Guidance equipped with the latest AutoDump capabilities.

Site personnel are managing the loader fleet from two ControlMaster® Automation Centres equipped with Multiple Machine Control (MMC) functions enabling the operators to manage multiple loaders at once.

Operators can manage the loader fleet from either the Automation Centre on the surface of the mine or the second Automation Centre located in a secure underground work zone.

Redpath General Manager, Rory Burke, said that the successful implementation of automating the narrow vein loader fleet at the Rothsay Gold Mine is integral for the success of the mine.

“Being able to operate multiple loaders from the surface greatly improves safety and productivity and especially provides operators with a more ergonomic and comfortable position from which to operate the loaders,” Mr Burke said.

“The ease of set up has been very impressive and we look forward to continuously improving output in production and development loading.”

RCT Account Manager Scott Phillips said the proven autonomous technology will enable highly efficient production activities going forward.

“Right from the beginning, ControlMaster® puts the Rothsay Gold Mine on a path to full mine digitisation enabling site management to integrate it with other mine systems and scale the technology as the mine evolves,” he said.

“Managing the loader fleet from the mine’s surface enables site to continue production through firing times while also relocating operators to a safer work environment.”

“RCT’s technology is demonstrating fast autonomous tramming cycles providing consistently high bucket counts over the entire shift with clear, instantaneous communications between the loader and the surface at all times.”

“In addition, RCT’s ControlMaster® technology has eliminated damage to the loaders when the machines are operating in the Rothsay Gold Mine’s tight drives.”

“RCT’s technology will also maintain machine availability across the fleet which is essential to sustain high production rates.”

RCT has provided comprehensive training packages to Redpath Australia’s machine operators and maintenance personnel and will continue to provide ongoing technical assistance over the life of the project.

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