Unlocking data from any machine, anywhere in the world


Unlocking access to data produced by your mobile equipment fleet has never been easier thanks to RCT’s latest innovation, which captures vital and previously withheld machine information.

The RCT EarthTrack® Machine Data Gateway (MDG) provides mobile equipment owners with the freedom to access important data streams on their fleet performance without needing to engage with machine manufacturers to obtain the information.

The unified hardware platform harvests vital data streams on the behaviour, durability and lifespan of machine systems and can dramatically alter machine fleet activity, operator behaviour and maintenance requirements.

As with all RCT’s solutions, the MDG is technologically agnostic and can integrate with any type of machine make or model, making the solution ideal for companies that operate mixed fleets.

Data is presented in various ways depending on the machine. This means businesses may have to interact with multiple platforms and data formats. Whereas the MDG will unify and translate the data from each machine, and collate it into a single, easy-to-interpret format.

Once stored, companies have endless choices available to analyse data. They can interface the data with their chosen business analytics software and transform the information into actionable directives to advance productivity.

“The challenge has always been the collection of the broad spectrum of data being generated by machines. This is no longer the case with MDG. Also, businesses will no longer be limited to accessing the data that the OEM ultimately chooses to release,” said RCT’s Mining and Resources Product Manager Mick Tanner.

“Utilising the MDG, our clients will have the freedom to access data to advise changes in areas such as machine component lifespans, service needs and changeout requirements.”

“By harnessing the power of the MDG, companies will no longer be locked into the service regimes dictated by the machine OEM.”

“No matter what machine brand or third-party system an operation has, data is delivered in a consolidated format. The information will allow them to determine what works best for their specific requirements, at all times.”

The MDG works seamlessly with an API to provide information from the work site to a company’s server or cloud-based information system.

As the MDG creates its own unique meshed network, it transfers data between each piece of equipment which eliminates the need for expensive communications infrastructure on site.

“It ensures vital information is not missed at times where communications are fragmented or dropped out,” Mr Tanner said.

The MDG is equally suited to installations with a more permanent network infrastructure to safeguard the retainment of important information for business analytics.

With a permanent network infrastructure, the product guarantees the successful delivery of real-time information at all times.

Machine Data Gateway is the one solution every business needs to obtain total access to unlimited raw data. And, by processing it, businesses can get deeper insights to identify how to improve fleet operations in the long term, and ultimately improve bottom lines.

Learn more about the MDG here.

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