Automated fire suppression system in demand


RCT prides itself on innovation to remain leading edge in all facets of the mining and industrial industries and the company’s Muirhead® Fire Suppression monitoring system is an excellent example of this.

The solution integrates with all types of autonomous mining equipment and enables machine operators to activate any brand of fire suppression system, from their control room.

The system builds on an earlier version of the technology whereby an equipment operator sitting in the machine’s cab could manually activate the system if a fire occurred onboard.

“Through discussions with a well-known fire protection solutions provider, RCT re-designed the existing manually actuated fire suppression system,” said RCT’s Account Manager, Phill Dean.

“They needed the operator to be enabled to deploy the machine’s fire suppression system from their Remote Operations Centre whether that be at site offices or in the city far away from the mine site”, he said.

RCT developed an engineered solution to cater to this need and now, it is more in demand than ever.

“The mining automation field has grown significantly over the last 10 years and is readily used at various mining sites around the world.”

The Muirhead® Fire Suppression monitoring system can integrate with all brands of fire suppression OEM or 3rd Party provider solutions in the market and be applied to all autonomous mining vehicles.

The RCT solution is unique in operation, re-designed to interface into a technologically-agnostic autonomous interface.

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