RCT tech secures port operations


Smart technology specialist RCT and equipment manufacturer Komatsu have delivered a bespoke technology project to safeguard bulk handling operations at a major port in New Caledonia.

The technology transforms the efficiency of operations by allowing local companies to quickly and effectively clear storage areas in bulk carrier ships while protecting port crews from hazardous working conditions within the ship’s hold.

RCT, in partnership with Komatsu, integrated the proven and interoperable ControlMaster® Portable Teleremote solution with a Komatsu PC228 Excavator.

RCT’s Customer Service team provided comprehensive remote support to Komatsu staff based in New Caledonia to efficiently commission the machine.

The technology package enables the excavator operator to stand at a safe vantage point while accessing the full range of machine functions, as if they were in the excavator’s cab.

The solution includes a pitch and roll indicator which provides the operator with real-time information on the excavator’s status and position within the ship hold.

The pitch and roll indicator will enable the operator to make more informed decisions about the status of the machine within the hold and prevent unnecessary machine damage.

“We really appreciate RCT’s support for this pilot project which is a very good step forward in terms of innovation and safety improvements onsite,” said Komatsu Technical Manager Jean Damour.

“This kind of professional relationship helps us improve our technical skills and ability to adapt to changing site requirements, while focusing on customer needs and supporting their activities.”

RCT Account Manager Wayne Carrington said the project demonstrates how ControlMaster® can be applied to any machine for use in a broad range of industries.

“We empowered Komatsu with the knowledge necessary to commission the equipment and deploy it to site with support from our international Customer Service team,” he said.

“Port staff are pleased with the easy-to-use interface and signal strength which enables them to work quickly and effectively.”

“We are very pleased to work with Komatsu to deliver this project and we regard them as a competent and highly professional company.”

“While ControlMaster® has a proven history in mining, this project demonstrates the technology can meet the demands for bulk handling operations at ports around the world.”

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