Speed Gates to safeguard industrial operations


RCT’s Muirhead® Speed Gates solution is revolutionising safe machine fleet practices across logistics and warehousing sites.

Speed Gates ensure all industrial machines – such as forklifts and reach trucks – are travelling at an appropriate speed for its surroundings.

The system is easily deployed at entrances and exits within materials handling facilities and caps maximum speeds on any piece of industrial equipment passing through the zone.

A worksite may be set up to include four safe speeds per site ensuring the materials handling equipment can only travel at designated speeds within defined locations.

The Speed Gate system consists of a gate located above entrances and exits which communicate with a Machine Location Tag mounted on or close to the roof of an industrial machine.

The Machine Location Tag then communicates with a Muirhead® Speed Limiter to manage the speed of the machine.

Additionally, depending on machine type, the Speed Gates may be able to interface directly with OEM speed limiting features.

RCT Product Manager Mick Tanner said the system will effortlessly enable safer materials handling operations.

“Speed Gates will ensure machine operators are fully compliant with site-specific speed limits and keeping in-line with government safety regulations,” he said.

“Improved speed control within your warehouse will reduce the chance of accidents and protect machine operators and other workers.”

“The system is simple to install and requires no ongoing maintenance essentially the system is set and forget.”

“The system can be applied to any type of materials handling equipment regardless of manufacturer so is ideal for both large and small sites that operate mixed fleets.”

RCT has so far received positive feedback from fleet managers at sites which have been using Speed Gates.

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